Friday, April 8, 2011

You can use Tgi3D plugins both at work and at home now!

Many of our individual customers have expressed a desire to be able to install Tgi3D plugins on multiple computers, specifically one at work and one at home, without the additional cost since they are the only ones who use the software. This can be achieved by a different licensing scheme than “per computer licencing” that we currently have . It is called “single user licencing” where the software can be installed on multiple computers (upto a certain number) but only one user can use it at a given time. This requires either the software to have internet connection to check with the license servers online or use a form of a dongle to activate the usage of the software. Our current licenses are issued per computer which allows for faster, local license checking without the need for internet connection or a dongle. So, each licensing scheme has its advantages and disadvantages and we are currently considering different alternatives.

In the mean time though, we have devised a very attractive promotional sale for those of you who don't want to wait:

Buy one get one free!
You will receive two licenses of the same Tgi3D plugin in a single purchase for the price of one. You can then install the software on two different computers, e.g. one at work and one at home, and obtain two independent permanent licenses using the same activation key and e-mail.

Our existing customers: Get your second copy now, free of charge!
We appreciate your business. Therefore, we made sure that you also benefit from this sale regardless of the timeline you purchased the product. Simply download the latest version of the software from here and install the software on a second computer and use your existing activation key and e-mail to activate the second licensed copy of the plugin.


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