Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tgi3D SU Amorph and PhotoScan Update (v1.20)

Upgrades of Tgi3D SU plugins have just been released! You can download the new versions from the Downloads  page on Tgi3D website.

The new releases include a new downsampling feature to reduce the polygon count of a model while preserving the model fidelity in a controllable fashion. There are also some exciting updates to the existing features, such as a “clean Bezier surface” option for mesh creation and preservation of texture.

Below are the details of the updates in the new releases:
  • Introduced "Downsample" command to decrease the resolution of a mesh

  • Create mesh can nowcreate Bezier (i.e. parametric) surfaces, if the boundary is
    1. A quad of bezier curves and the number of samples on opposite curves match
    2. A triangle of bezier curves and the number of samples on the longest two sides match

  •  Introduced "Collapse" command to collapse the selected region to a point
  • Mesh editing (upsample and downsample) results are placed in a Sketchup group optionally to allow faster processing.
  • Cross Section Tool now supports measured motions.
  • (Mac) Plugin now works on Mac OS X v10.5.x.
  • (Upsampling & Downsampling) Preserve the texture mapping during upsample and the new downsample
  • (Texturing) Preserve SketchUp assigned material transparency in texture creation
  • (Texturing) Preserve the horizontal and perpendicular structures (e.g in buildings) in unwrap mode of texture mapping
  • (Texturing) Preserve material transparency and color in the texture mapping.
  • (Texturing) Do not display uv map in the texture if the seperate uv map output is selected.
  • (Move tool) Improved Bezier curve editing.

In addition to the updates included in Tgi3D SU Amorph, Tgi3D SU PhotoScan includes the following fix.

  • (Calibration Tool) Added user warning if a camera can not be found in the built-in or local database