Monday, December 20, 2010

Mac OS X versions of Tgi3D plugins for SketchUp are out!

We are very happy to announce that we have just released the new versions of our plugins which are now also available for Mac users! You can download Free Training version of Tgi3D SU Amorph and 30-Day Trial version of Tgi3D SU PhotoScan from the Downloads page on our website.

There is also good news for Microsoft Windows users! The new releases come with a new smart texturing feature and other enhancements to the existing features which are detailed below. We also encourage you to update your versions of Tgi3D plugins and try the new versions.

The updates include:
  • Mac OS X support!
  • New smart texture creation and mapping feature which enables you to easily create, seamlessly merge and paint image textures on smooth curved surfaces, while keeping existing image textures. The produced texture images can be accessed from Sketchup's Materials window and edited with your favourite image editor. Below is the video of the new feature.

  • Enhancement to existing features:
    • Tgi3D Move Tool now supports vertex snapping (via pressing Shift key during move)
    • Tgi3D Select Tool now has a face tagging option where the user selects a group of faces and tags them to be able to reselect them later with a single click.
    • Tgi3D Cross Section Tool now works with user selected closed loops.
  • Small fixes
    • Tgi3D Costruction Point Tool correctly places construction points inside the component under component edit.
    • Tgi3D Cross Section Tool loop detection is improved.

In addition to the updates included in Tgi3D SU Amorph, Tgi3D SU PhotoScan has the following additional updates:
  • Tgi3D Calibration and Metrology Tool's SketchUp Export now produces a SKP file. There is no need to “import Tgi3D calibration” in Sketchup anymore. The user simply loads the SKP file created by Tgi3D Calibration and Metrology Tool.
  • Tgi3D Calibration and Metrology Tool's 3D Viewer refresh functionality after a new measurement entry and recalibration has been improved.